How to Change Your Life in 3 Simple Steps

business mindset Aug 01, 2023
Blog Post How to Change Your Life

After working with amazing female entrepreneurs for years to help them create an online presence and visual identity, I realized something BIG was missing. As a psychic, I was easily able to tap into who they were so I could create something that truly reflected them, but they didn't always know who they were and what they wanted. The bridge between their dreams and where they currently were was virtually nonexistent!

As someone who had spent years thinking there was something wrong with her and I needed to "fix" myself before I could have what I wanted, I knew my clients were suffering from the same - that's why I made the shift into coaching.

I realized that, to put it bluntly - my clients were their own worst enemy! So that's why I created my Soul Systems Recode Method ™. A simple 3-step system I use to help you radically change your life in an extremely short period of time and help women understand that you ARE NOT broken and you DO NOT need fixing before you can have what you want.


It's just a simple matter of changing your thoughts,
so your dreams can then manifest like magic!


Step 1 - Uncover

Using a series of questions, such as "I believe Money is easy to get?" or "Clients are easily accessible to me?" (and many more of course 😉 ) we uncover what your true beliefs are and how they are affecting your life currently. This helps us determine what you really believe and where we need to recode those beliefs.

You'd be very surprised how things connect and how something that may have seemed insignificant to you, had such a huge impact on your success and belief structure.


Step 2 - Recode

Now that we've uncovered where your blocks lie, we recode (reprogram) them. I have a series of tools to do this, but the main process I use is working with your superconscious.

Your mind has multiple parts - the ego brain or conscious brain (the part reading this right now and also the part that spews that negative bullshit all the time), your subconscious - the part that controls everything you do (whether you want it to or not), and the superconscious - the part that connects us all. It can be known as "the field", "the ether", the source of where ideas come from. It can also be used to bypass the restrictions of the subconscious (which can be reprogramed, but with a ton of repetition and time, and well, who has time for that?!) to, in many cases, instantly recode your belief structure.

Using this method, and understanding what you truly desire, we are able to create a tension based structure that the natural laws of the universe can't help but resolve. And how does it resolve it? By bringing forth exactly what you desire. It's manifestation on steroids and foolproof if done correctly.


Step 3 - Strategic Action

Now that we have cleared those things from your path that have been holding you back and preventing your success, we can take strategic action. Using my decades of experience in technology, combined with my experience working in online marketing for Fortune500 companies - we create a plan based on you, and your desires (not just what the gurus say you should do).

You are able to easily go forth and execute for success in any area of your life and business. This creates lasting change and gives you a system you can repeat again and again for each new desire you wish to manifest in your life. My goal is to generate permanent change so that you never are stuck again.

My goal with my clients is to never see you again, no matter how much I love you, because we've changed your life for good and forever, so unless some big scary monster pops back up (this is rare), you should be set for life 😊


Are you ready for lasting change?

If you are tired of the rubber band effect - feeling like you're always taking one step forward and a million steps back. Feeling like there is some invisible forcefield that doesn't want you to succeed. Like no matter what you do you just can't seem to get to that next level or achieve your goals - then let's chat!


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